Tim Brady

Tim Brady — Founder and Creative Director, Brand Pandemic

Expose Yourself.  Putting personality up front to increase your business.

In this one hour session you will see how putting your small businesses personality in the spotlight can shift your business to a new level and separate you from the pack.  Not suitable for minors; this hour will be crammed with the real deal, nothing held back, high energy, information you need to truly “expose yourself”.

Sure Tim is an innkeeper today, but his geeky start came many years ago when he sent his first email marketing campaign in 1993 and was immediately hooked on the power of the internet. Much has changed in the game over the years, but Tim’s experience as a CIO and his work on hundreds of technology campaigns from small businesses to fortune 500 companies has kept him not only in the loop, but on the forefront of what works. Founder and creative director of Brand Pandemic, a new media and viral marketing firm, Tim continues to introduce new brands and help brands that are already household names stay there.  As a matter of fact, it’s more than likely you have already seen something that Tim was behind.

Tim’s philosophy of putting your focus on the tasks that make you money is an honest and refreshing approach to the “you should be doing this…” preaching of many other speakers. Tim is consistently a top rated speaker at national conferences.  He not only puts his tactics into practice to keep his inn a hot commodity, but works with many associations and small business owners to keep them on top as well.  At the core of each of his campaigns is the mantra of being true to who you are and being honest to your customer.  The key to success today is to bare it all and let the world know who’s behind the digital curtain.

It’s time for something different, it’s time to Expose Yourself.

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