Karen Ballard

Karen Ballard — Administrator, Idaho Division of Tourism

Karen joined the Idaho Division of Tourism for a newly created tourism development position in 1992. The job entailed expansion of international visitation to Idaho in collaboration with Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota through Rocky Mountain International. She was appointed the Administrator of Idaho State Tourism in November 2007.

A native of Washington State, Ballard received her degree in Legal Studies from UC Berkeley before relocating to Idaho in 1982. Ballard began her tourism career with the Elkhorn Resort in Sun Valley progressing from the front office to sales, then catering, and ultimately as Director of Sales. Karen has worked for various professional associations, including the Idaho Lodging and Restaurant Association and the Idaho Retailers Association. You can also connect with Karen on Facebook.

Karen Ballard photo

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4 thoughts on “Karen Ballard

  1. I registered for ICORT and paid $150 but I only have a receipt from Pay Pal. Are you planning to send me more information, a receipt, or a list of what I signed up for….did it while on vacation and have no copy.

    Carolyn Deshler at Blue Diamond Marina and Resort

  2. Wendi, my compliments on a terrific site. You are awesome! BTW would you mind adding my facebook page to the bio? http://www.facebook.com/IdahoTourismDirector

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